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This is a great unboxing and review video of the Temple of Airjitzu

This is Lego set 70751.

This lego set it really big and has 2028 pieces in it.

In this video, you’ll see a speed build of this set and it is really neat to see the final version that was built. Nice job!

Video Transcript

he hasn’t been done to make you do we’re back with another lego ninjago it is that temple of the air gypsy this is at 70 75 one is recommended for ages 14 and up and it’s 2028 pieces this that is really colorful with a lot of details he was like in the back of the box the sentence 12 mini figures whoo pie cool boy k name yeah Sheriff masako postman Claire jesper and cut white of the mechanical play features you can battle outside and have a party in the temple it looks like you can even go fishing on the bridge and this that includes exclusive material ok let’s open this up and take a look in stock so we have baggles were three bag number five back number 11 back number 10 bag number 7 back number eight bag number two bag number six spot number for some pieces back number 12 bad number two Gavin birth cert in flag number nine bag number one a big plate instruction manual and some stickers ok let’s build the temple yeah yeah so here’s the completed temple of airjitzu you look all around the temple the set has a lot of details in a bunch of play features so you get this land where you can play with it and act out some scenes from the show right here in the front of the temple we have us back to have sensei yang the legend says that the ghost of sensei yang Hawks the temple and anyone who enters and presently why some light turned into a ghost right underneath the statue and little fountain in a double staircase leading to the front door you can spend the base of the fountain around like this there’s a couple signs of Japanese letters there’s a lot of cool decorations and the rooms are pretty cool looking those are some cool little windows up on top you can’t open it up like and shine through it up here we have inspired with the ball on top those two paper doors and explain open like this the design on the doors remind me of the krabby kid i’m gonna show you guys the inside of the temple but to make it easier i’m going to take this holding apart you can pull the smugglers mark it out like this in the blacksmith shop can be removed the same way they’re just connected with these technic pins now it’s been this thing around and take a look at the inside yeah I’m the first of all we have a little room where people can relax and mt looks like there’s a little bowl of ramen and a blue Genie Liam so maybe they can wish for some tea on the next level we have a little training room is a practice dummy with scratches on it just a couple of swords in a bow and arrow on the next level study there’s a bookcase with three books and you can open up these books and put things inside there’s also little area where you can do art there’s a paintbrush in a clear cup and a little paint pallet on the canvas is the same design that’s on the door up here in the Attic is a box that says cold stuff hands off and what we now feel there’s a camera and a code and put this back for you get in trouble now here’s the main feature of the set the shadow meeting right here we have a little crane and when you turn it nothing happens but if you push this little piece internet shadowplay plays on the screen there is a light that makes the silhouette of the figures there’s a snake that represents the great devourer and the figures represent ruined garment on come on let’s go to the movies if you can’t wait to see the show and wonder what playing today oh man sitting me show yesterday mailings plus a movie so let’s look at the temple now let’s take a look at the smugglers market and as these cool garage door pieces up here on the roof there’s also some nice gold trim those two sides in the front there’s one that have a fish and there’s one that has some bread and milk they’re too little stone figures guarding the entrance and a little bit of water with some plants growing in it and there’s also two fishing rods what has a crab hanging from it around was that there’s a couple of chickens and they’re about to become dinner there’s another capital side of the back inside the murder we have a crate full of bread and another creative through people p ro with an orange fish a sack with a cookie in another segment of reading material there’s also a think that’s made out of the upside down there’s also a couple tests you can access by removing the roof of this and inside we have a couple of nights and in this one we have some ninja stars now let’s take a look at the black shop outside there’s some cooling trees glass of water with the same plants whose blacksmith side with the anvil and a little stone walkway on the door there’s little design and then or just pops open like this up here we have two windows and a bunch of leaves on the roof on this one the roof opens up like a cloth and up here we have a cute little chimney there’s even a little rat hiding in the crawl space let’s turn it around and check out the insides you have a box with some tools a shovel and a hammer there’s also a red copy mag it on the ground me of a pail is an anvil in the center and over here we have the board the plane on the second floor we have a room where people can sleep or hang out in her last component is the bridge the ratings have been out of flexible pieces the top of these other red pieces that look like elephant tusks and there’s to be dragging gargoyles on each side okay let’s put everything back together because I thought firework cart okay so we just have to turn it with that what’s that – guys I out and we also have a little lighter and you attach them by putting the minifigures onto the handles run again don’t worry I’ll save you ok guys that’s a lego ninjago temple of airjitzu and save him because while some more cool lego video soon you get next time my

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