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NEXO Knights – Axl’s Tower Carrier – LEGO Build Zone

Lego Nexo Night Set

In this video, these boys build a really cool lego set.

Watch all the way to the end to get all the tips and see what the set looks like when it’s completed.

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Video Transcript

hey everybody welcome back to the Beltone i’m in in a walkie and today we’re building this lego nexo knights set actual power Q and stick around to the end of the episode for an epic stop a step 22 and whenever you see one of these scale model drawings it’s always a good idea to pay extra attention here we’re using this drawing a line up the gear on this X not to be confused with this axle want to do that rotating this should move all three years here we’re going to attach the top and the bottom of the turret you just need to line up this hole in the center then you can turn this knob and the whole top of the turret no tapes let’s see how fast this thing can girl too fast for bernzy the catapult that we just built can fire these orange pieces why but it can also be stowed away you open up these two doors fold it over then closed and it’s all built we have axle to axle bots and ash attacker and a huge burns plus the whole carrier with a detachable gun to just push it here to launch it off the back one of the coolest parts about all the next night sets are this cannibal next no powers this set comes with four to use them download the next two nights at murloc to point out be sure to ask your parents first then you scan them with the camera stone start rock throw-in sinner and force you let us know when your favorite powers and the comments lookout bernzy we’re coming for you Rock said the book fear of being here by ya go actual watch nice job action the photo of here blue thanks for watching be sure to subscribe and check back soon for episode you just push here I got it

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