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Let’s Build – Lego City Square Set #60097 – Part 4

What Does It Have?

It has a tow truck with a flat bed that goes up and down.

It also has a sports car.

Can It Lift The Car?

Yes it can. It has a tow line.

Video Transcript â–¼

Hey everyone welcome back to the hidden brick where today we’re building part four of the lego city city square this is set number six zero zero nine seven and in this part we’re going to build the little flatbed tow truck or car delivery truck whatever you want to call it so it is using bags number six and seven from the box and we’ve got those artists pull together here you will go ahead and move that camera down a bed I had moved it to the last video to get a good view at the top a little sliver of rubber there that’s some probably from one of these tires small bag of parts in the big bag goes dumped out and our wheels are already starting to roll away so I’ll go ahead and attach those to the tires so they can’t get get too far away we do have one minifigure in this bag last wheel and tire it’s just basically a city driver type minifigure nothing too special about him so here we go so this is basically going to be like any of the standard twenty dollar lego city vehicles so it does have three axles so that means there will be six wheels and tires on this vehicle since there’s two per axle and we know two times three is six so that’s how I figured out how many wheels and tires we’re gonna have I know it’s very mathema a Lego build video that you would learn now two times three is six all right we have two of the same elements that we are going to put together at the same time one two these are the big hinges for the flatbed trailer part couple tiles here so they don’t click on to the studs if I sound a little congested today it’s because I am it is fall time in Texas and all kinds of funk in the air make it you sneeze all day get the congestion in the runny nose if you can believe you can get both of them at the same time you can okay so these are some of the newer big fender pieces that have a couple extra studs attached to them the older style or they’re not too old but the previous version has these two studs or are not on there so this will just give us a few more connection points I’m pretty sure the cat does know whenever I’m recording a video because any other time he will not meow or jump on this table but as soon as you hit record he’s going to either be on the table or be making some noise guess that’s what cats do all right flying through this little instruction book pretty quickly and that tile hit the ground pretty sure they gave me an extra one so I’ll just grab it pick up the one on the ground later here’s our standard city issued coffee mug and we’re to our first sticker of this set and it’s the auto service 24/7 sticker white and green sticker some clear and orange cheese slopes clear and trans orange that is and we have sticker hk6 zero zero nine seven HK that wasn’t used on the others visit yes no present in K not in HK okay next windshield no I knocked over the coffee bug save it now we have our 24/7 service that’s the phone number 24 hour 7 days a week if you need service you can call that number rearview mirrors and our wheels and tires can go on now all right so that completes the truck portion now the next bag we have will build the flat bat and the whole bag in the big bag so we begin with the large plate that’s in the bag start attaching smaller plates to it here’s the rear license plate attaches neatly back there you can see it’s pretty clearly put a 2 by 4 plate on there to hold it all together we have few more stickers all right our warning stickers are on there all right now we have a string element it’s in a little box by itself and roll it from this cardboard spool to that off to the side you thread it through the hole just where it pokes out see it’s sticking out right there and then what you will do try to leave it sitting there by itself because you need to grab this Technic axle put a little bevel gear on the end this yellow half pushing all the way in there and slide it through when you slide it through it actually grips onto that string and pulls it in tight and then we take the other bushing and put it on the other side and that will create your full pull string up on next is the hook and this drink sometimes it’s hard to tie on to the hook if you leave enough slack to work with it’s usually easy enough to get it through the loop a couple times I’m no master not tire or anything so who knows there may be a better way to tie knot but that’s basically what I’ve got there and I could even take scissors and trim off the excess then what I’ll do is start to roll up the string on this little spool you can see it rolls up pretty neatly on there believe it leave it hanging a little bit that’s kind of how to show it the instructions will do slack hang in there so that is the flatbed portion we’ll bring the truck back over here and just push that down on there see it lifts up a little bit it doesn’t go all the way but if I put it back one stud it’s meant to be right there it really doesn’t even lean back that much it’s kind of weird oh wow so we’ll put that to the side next up is the what’s going to be the third car in this City Square set so that’s not counting this flatbed truck we just built this is the actual third sports car and we get mk6 zero zero nine seven the sticker I’m talking about if it will come off the sticker sheet excuse me those Texas allergies Blair it there’s our license plate close on the back these are what I was calling the older-style fenders where it just has the little brick portion with the plate kind of sticking out in the fender versus the one that we saw over here it had a couple more studs on each side that allow for different connection points big racing stripe down the middle and the four wheels and tires this car is a lot less as far as detail than some of the others I mean the others weren’t that detailed but at least they had a back and a roof portion this one’s more or less a top down for vertical so that completes the bag number four so we’ll show you how this works so the hook doesn’t actually hook onto anything I’m going to cut hook on to the front here but the instructions show it as the stud clipping on the hollow set in the middle and you basically pull this up on to there since the flatbed truck doesn’t go all the way down it has to kind of lift it up onto the flatbed and once it’s on there it stays on there are Bubba looking driver goes in here there you go that completes part 4 of the build of the lego city city square so if you miss in the other parts there’s links down below check those out and don’t forget to subscribe because we have part 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 to go we’re not even halfway done with this set so make sure to subscribe to you don’t miss any of the other parts thanks again for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow

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