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Let’s Build – Lego City Square Set #60097 – Part 3

What Dose It Have?

It locks in to the the other building so you can use the store.

It also comes with a car.

Does It Have Stuff To Buy?

Yes it does. It has a full set of tires.

Video Transcript â–¼

Hey everyone welcome back to the hidden brick road today we’re building part three of the lego city city square set number six zero zero nine seven so in this video we’re going to build the auto sales kind of dealership building so we’ve already done two videos if you want to check them out links down below in the description so this portion of the build uses bag number four bag number five and a couple of the loose plates then we’re in a a numbered bag so there’s the plate is bad for a lot of parts in that bag we do have two smaller bags and that big bag those them doubt and I like to keep them and piles by themselves based on the little bags that came in because they have a lot of similar parts so go ahead and put the wheels on the tires because we know that’s where they’re going to go anyway with no secret so rather than have them rolling around everywhere I’m just going to go ahead and attach them so we’re going to start with this little car frame chassis basically pre-molded have a bumper piece it’s going to get some rear taillights another curved bumper and a little tile that will get a sticker sticker mm six zero zero nine seven six zero zero nine seven that is the set number and the M is something we don’t know sometimes it’s the initials of the set designer but there’s a another license plate in part two of this series that had different initials that have the same number different initials so maybe there’s a lot of designers that worked on a set and they each got their own license plate or who knows maybe it’s nothing maybe I’m making or wanting it to be something that is really not so this is a small little car similar to the red one we built the last part similar but not the same they have their differences let’s clear around tiles to go in the front a little radiator grille curved the bumper this will get the other mm six zero zero nine seven license plate number just like that attach that right on the front starting to walk the car looks a little boxy right now but it’ll hopefully aerodynamically fill out a little bit more its windshields got front one we have a rear one and we have this big roof panel call one pretty molded piece and our four wheels and tires there we go that completes this car putting one of these plates over and begin the build of the auto dealership a lot of tiles in this set so far these big tall brick pieces which I’m a fan of I like the fact that you can put a building up pretty quickly I use these tall pieces and a lot of the other wall panels I use a lot of those in my custom Lego cities or city buildings I guess just because you can quickly throw up some walls without having to stack a bunch of bricks kind of an interesting detail leaving this gap here quite sure what that’s for yet sure it will reveal itself soon enough these really long bricks just well let’s go there all right I think I see now why those parts were left open on those walls so you can see it’s sliding doors how cool is that put some plates on top hold it all together and together pick plate you can see it’s big doors that open up and then shut the little piece fits right in that little void that was left so that’s pretty cool now on to bag number five small bag of parts in the big bag starting to build this up getting a little bit taller now alright now we need to build two of these Square column pieces one goes there one goes there have another one of these loose are not loose but big plates that came in a unnumbered bag that goes all the way on the top there should squeeze down nice and good it looks like we’re going to have the same little bracket detail the middle portion exceptions that these are turned facing up alright so next up we’re going to build two little tire bracket pieces so it’s a little display rack of wheels and tires two of them that are identical and these go inside show room see them in there they cut their own jumper plate so you can kind of rotate them around a little bit they’re just basically shoved in the corner there we have a couple flags that will go on the top of the auto sales showroom set there another one there so that is it for the second instruction book I mean third so this basically complements the one from the second one and it completes the entire showroom so we can put our cars in there slide those doors open sell some cars so that is it for this portion of the build next up will be the car flatbed truck either delivery or tow truck however you want to see it so that’s it for this one thanks for watching make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the other parts of this lego city city square build thanks again for watching we’ll see you next time

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