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Let’s Build – Lego City Square Set #60097 – Part 2

Lego Square

Has a nice auto repair shop, with lift.

It also has a nice car.

Does The Lift Work?

Yes it does. It goes up and down.

Video Transcript â–¼

Hey everyone welcome back to the hidden brickwork today we’re doing part two of the lego city city square where we are going to build the service center part of the city square so this consists of bags number two and three so if you missed the first part go ahead and check it out you’ll see a link down below but we’re going to go ahead and get right into this so this bag number two smell bag in the big bag and in addition to those elements there is an unnumbered bag that has these large pipe Center we’ll take one of these 16 by 16 dark bluish grey plates that is needed for this portion of the build start with our minifigure who is the service station employee mechanic Walker so there’s the minifigure for this portion of the build so we begin with this two pre-molded car chassis turn it over add a little modified plate some axle plates we have this pre-molded front bumper piece actually it’s the rear bumper so get the red tail lights on the back tail lights equals rear that right on the back some fenders this is going to be a red colored car with blue interior maybe start to add some blue in there that’s the rear portion of it two more fenders and another one of these kind of pre-molded front bumper grille pieces and we get a sticker bumper sticker bumper sticker is HS six zero zero nine seven HS maybe the set designer initials and six zero zero nine seven is the number for the Lego set so we didn’t put a sticker on the rear bumper did we see if I missed it in the instructions up did miss it good thing I looked so we have a rear license plate as well there we go can’t forget those stickers or else I’ll start getting all the hate comments for not putting sticker on how the wheels and tires alright so that is a simple little car put that to the side time to bring it over the 16 by 16 plate and we’re going to start building the service center it’s hard to tell kind of what we’re building yet but I think it will start to reveal itself pretty soon that’s Technic elements which will create some functionality so to get this little piece that goes up and down now nothing connected to it yet we’ll get that going soon looks like we’re going to build another one you attachments there a lot of these 1×6 light bluish gray tiles in this bag all right tools down here on these clips we have a little hammer and a wrench another Technic piece or two and we have these little metal tread looking stickers that go on four of these light bluish gray tiles and they’re long and narrow so you have to be careful getting them on straight basically have to make sure you align it down up low pull it across and then drop it on so there’s one completed one and once you complete them they basically attach to these little sloped brick area so we have two more carefully apply them nailed it all right so that completes the second bag now we’re on to the third bag still working on instruction book number two so we have the next minifigure female figure presumably the customer could be the manager at the service center it could be whatever your imagination wants the minifigure to be how about that how about that there is the window looking out of the main service center area it has an interesting striped detail so it uses white kind of the sandy blue color and a regular blue color this is inside the service center we have the printed keyboard tile and printhead computer screen tile or frame and a door with a blue door Don so here’s the sand blue the white and then the blue little details right there okay next sticker is going to go on this white blueish gray tile and it’s going to be the services offered kind of sticker got oil change or gas let me at the gas can here’s the changing tires or rotating tires and then we’ve got the battery so they do gas battery tires get the brackets studs on the side bricks up there I like this technique this is what I do a lot with my buildings in my LEGO City I use those brackets and then attach the plates or bricks on those gives it a nice clean look just like that and it kind of creates that overhang looks like some sort of canopy so that’s cool next we have this big panel that we’re going to put the city logo on there so in case you forget where you are it just says City you’re in the city and we have two of the lights that will go above the sign to luminate that at night and another city sticker this one says Auto Sales so this is preparing you for the next bag which is the car showroom this is just the service center of the car dealership but the sign for the Auto Sales it’s going to be built in this bag for some reason that’s alright it doesn’t matter that goes right there on the side so that completes bag number two and video number two of the build of this enormous lego city square oh so this car basically goes on this it drives up on it and then you pull this down you can see it raises up so the service repairman can get under there and work on the car move it back down car can drive off that’s pretty cool so there you go thanks for watching we have a few extra pieces in this bags I guess with this portion of the build so make sure to stick around for the other videos where we’re going to continue to build next portion is going to be the car showroom so make sure to check that out thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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