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What Is Cool About This Boat.

It has lots controls. It is easy to build and is big. It has four people and two boats. It has hand cuffs, and a flashlight.

Can It Float?

Yes it can. If you put it in a bathtub and start the jets it will sink and lose its the Lego men.

Video Transcript â–¼

Three two one that’s a seven friend to maitre d and a lot of you guys wanted me to do a lego city set so today we have the police patrol boat this is at six zero one two nine it’s recommended for ages five to twelve and it has 200 pieces the box says boats really float so we’ll have to try that out a little later looks like you get a patrol boat and also a getaway though we get four minifigures – please minute – criminals and here’s a look at the back of the box it looks like it has a bunch of play features that allows you to create your own see I’ve been there to try to create some in the bathtub okay so let’s open this up and show you guys what’s inside okay so we have bag number three sack number two bag number one we have instruction booklet one section booklet two we have the main piece of the boat and we also have the big book and we have some stickers most of these boats are just one piece so it’s gonna take too long let’s get building so here’s the completed police patrol boat let’s start off with the minifigures first up you have the two police officers they both have blue uniforms they have navy blue pants and a matching hat we both come with life jackets but underneath you can see they have a radio a patch blue tie a belt and a sub up jacket on the back it says police you have different faces one guy has a serious look and another guy has a happy look he’s also wearing orange glasses next we have the prisoner he’s got a white and gray prison outfit has a dirty orange undershirt and a Mezger belly we have an angry looking face with sideburns on facial hair he’s also got a little hat on the back of prison number it’s one eight six seven five and last we have his partner in crime to get away driver girl she’s got gray pants and it looks like she has a striped shirt too she kind of looks like a boy but yet lipstick on she has a black jacket with straps printed on the back okay now let’s check out the patrol boat here’s a look all the way around up in front we have a little searchlight it has handles so you can stick the minifigure on to move the light but watch out don’t go too fast oh right here we have two blue lights and a floatation device don’t worry also you go right here we have a little present cell you can just lift off the bars because they’re not connected to any stunts it’s loose so the other book can just rip it off I’ll show you that in a bit there’s a little bed where this guy can sleep the only thing is this guy cannot sit up in the cell because there’s not enough room who’s not claustrophobic why are you making me sleep I’m not even tired get me out of here down here we have a nice little blue windshield right here we have the same piece that’s white and it has a police sticker and then another blue windshield there’s a little seat and a bunch of controls in the back we have a little speaker two antennas and a satellite dish there’s also stickers on the side that says number two in the back there’s a ladder so they can get up and down inside you can see part of the jail cell and on the very rear there’s some items we have a second holding device a red coffee mug walkie talkie binoculars a set of handcuffs and a flashlight it has these so you can tie the ship down wooden topics and it has large pull these stickers on both sides now let’s take a look at the crux getaway boat here’s a look all the way around the boat in the back we have the motor the little seat for the driver there’s a steering wheel with no other printed controls on the side of the boat we have some patches so I guess it’s both of it damaged in the past we also have a seat up in front and a little sack of some money right up here we have a chin that may either be used as an anchor or a grappling hook don’t worry I’m coming to break you out I’m free finally I can stand up now let’s go test these things out of the water okay guys we’re in the bathroom and it’s the moment of truth looks like that one flows pretty good okay time to put the little boat in I think a storms coming three two one all the pieces are flying everywhere survivors allows the lego city police patrol boat it was really fun build and it was pretty quick too but I like it most because you can play with it in the water so if you want to see another lego city steps leave me a comment telling you which one I to build next thanks for watching see you guys next time bye

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