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LEGO Negev | Man-o’-War – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Does It Shoot?

No it does not.

But it looks nice.

Does It Weigh Much?

Yes, about 10 pounds.

Video Transcript â–¼

What’s going on guys my name is za t nom B’s and today I felt the negev israeli-made light machinegun entirely from 2400 plus Lego bricks this high made fast firing weapon measures over forty three and a half inches lawn and it weighs close to ten pounds it’s featured in Counter Strike global Offensive I’ve built this also with the Man O’War skin on it featuring the dark navy blue and the sort of gold details that I built with some lego Sun disks from the adventure series and even some chains there you can see a scale of it with a minifigure it’s an absolutely massive weapon in Counter Strike global Offensive it has one of the highest rates of fire at a thousand rounds per minute beating out the p90 s 900 rounds per minute stat one of the best weapons in counter-strike if you simply want to run around and spray as much lead as possible it has a 150 round magazine it also costs fifty seven hundred dollars so not a cheap weapon either it does have a reload time of 5.7 seconds for the Lego version I built the green cloth on the ammo container with some dark green smooth tiles I built the metal stock with some dark gray smooth tiles as well and even some up black register pieces on the back it’s a very stable weapon it can actually be held up to at the shoulder and I guess pretended to be fired for the grip I used some Lego rubber tire pieces also for the barrel I used lots of tires to help give it that sort of tactical look there’s so many awesome looking weapons in counter-strike i’d love to build more of them with some cool intricate skins let me know in the comments your idea for the next lego Counter Strike weapon that you guys would want to see also be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you guys do want to see some more weapons from Counter Strike global Offensive even our Lego Thunder Lord would be jealous of this guns Blaine the Man O’War skin is a beautiful looking skin with that deep navy blue and of the gold I used tons of Lord of the rain one ring pieces and even some register car grille bricks for the magazine as you can see on the side of it also the front post was built with a small Lego cloth from the Hero Factory series but there you have it I hope you guys enjoyed this Lego and you gave a light machine gun let me know what you want to see don’t neck and thank you guys so much for watching my videos so as always I’ll see you guys in another video with another LEGO creation I feel the biggest addition to our LEGO Minecraft world series yet this is a massive lego minecraft castle stands at over two feet tall

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