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Lego Double Action Revolver Mechanism


And you don’t have to pull the hammer.

It works realy nice, but it does not shoot that far.


No, you don’t.

Video Transcript â–¼

In this video I will be showing you the mechanism inside my / and how it works for the first part of this video I am showing you the barrel and how it was made start off the cylinder is made of these disks with which have six holes in them I used try the of the disks stacked onto an eight stud long beam inside the gun it’s held here by LEGO Technic pieces to hold the bullets in I have simply taken half a stud long axle piece and covered in duct tape this way it does not create too much friction but just enough so that when the bullets are inserted they do not fall out like so it’s up the sites are mainly there for decoration this guns power it sucks going to be honest it doesn’t shoot very far so the sets are just there for decoration next moving on to the receiver or lower half of the revolver we have a the grip here with the body you can see the trigger and the hammer here as well is what I call the rotating hammer or something like that and the gun does require or does not require it uses a modified piece for the rotating hammer it’s not required but does make the gun a lot stronger when shooting it does not break as easily so now I will show you the inside of the gun so here is the inside of the lower receiver so here we have my trigger the trigger rotating hammer which is connected to the trigger the hammer itself and then the grip I removed the rubber bands so the gun does not explode on me while I’m showing you how it works so when the Barrow is connected and there’s a round inside when you pull the trigger this slanted piece right here will push the round in front of the hammer which is being pushed back at the same time so we I will show you a demonstration of that so we’ll pull the trigger pushes the round around pulls the hammer back as well it’s to a point where this piece is no longer pushed the bullet and at that point the hammer comes around hitting the bullet with enough force to push it out of the barrel now have the gun resets is there is a small piece right here that is what the trigger is making contact with when it is being pulled up like so gets to a point where this gets pulled back far enough so the trigger can goes through without making contact with the hammer that is when the rubber bands pull the hammer back around and hitting the bullet then the trigger can reset by one pulling pull down pulls this little piece right here and allows it to go back through ready to fire again you

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