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INDOMINUS REX BREAKOUT – LEGO Jurassic World Set 75919 – Time-lapse Build, Unboxing & Review!

What Dose It Have?

It has a indominus rex and four people and a rex house. It has a guns.

The rex has a spot you can put Lego men.

Can The Rex Get Out?

Yes it can. It has a wall you can break.

Video Transcript â–¼

Hey guys it’s even fun to bake to eat and you guys wanted a Jurassic world Lego set so today we have been dominus rex breakout this is set seven five nine one nine its recommended for ages 7 to 12 and it’s 1156 pieces it comes up for minifigures dr. Wu Zack vet and ACU and of course it comes with the indominus rex you get the big enclosure and a couple little vehicles like a helicopter and a gyros here okay here – look at the back of the box looks like when closure is pretty detailed we also have a lot of moving play features alright let’s open it up and check it out okay so we get back number eleven back number twelve bag indominus rex drag number eight bag number five bag number three bag number six bag number seven bag number one bag number ten sack number two bad new number for bag number nine and you get a green plate and some black rods here’s the instruction book and here are the stickers okay time to build okay so here’s the completed indominus rex breakout and let’s start off with the minifigures okay so first up we have dr. Wu he’s got a little syringe and some green serum he’s wearing the white lab coat and he has grey pants the printing on the lab coat continues on to the parents but it’s the wrong color it’s great instead of white so Matt’s a bummer he’s got a little ID badge and on the back he has a drastic world logo this guy has two faces a happy face and it’s smirk somebody says he kind of looks like me next up we have Zack he’s one of the boys that visits Jurassic world in the movie he’s got a great city with the maroon t-shirt and black pants he also has two faces a normal face and a dinosaur is going to eat me face next up we have that this guy kinda looks like Muldoon you got you to buy the Raptors in the first drastic Park movie like a safari hat invest he’s got a white button-up shirt and blue pants he also has an ID badge in the drastic world logo on the back and this guy only has one face and the last of the minifigures we have may see you also known as asset containment unit so this guy’s job is to keep the dinos in order he comes with the walkie-talkie and a cool helmet with a movable visor he has a heavy-duty assault vest on and underneath it’s got some cool printing looks like it’s got a bunch of scraps and some kind of DNA design you’ve got two faces calm face and then uh-oh I’m gonna be dinner face and finally we have the big boys and ominous Rex this guy’s white with gray printing he’s got red eyes and yellow teeth kids went to spikes that start on his head and it goes down his back just got some spikes on his elbows this guy’s a genetic hybrid that’s made out of a different dinosaur his head can rotate his mouth can click open and close his arms and legs can both move hmm I wonder what I’m gonna have a breakfast today and his wrist can also rotate and there was a little space in his hand for a minifigure there’s eight studs on his back so you can give him the backpack or somebody can ride him I’m sure about this you can also swab on his tail but that just looks weird let’s see how many minifigures I can fit in this guy’s map chubby bunny chubby bunny chubby bunny looks like we can get three now let’s take a look at the enclosure this thing’s a giant triangle shape right here in the front we add the main gate look sort of like teeth and they slide up and enclosed on a track system there’s a little brown piece on the other side here that you can pull this is how they get the indominus rex on the side put it in access granted oh I can’t fit might have to want to diet if you don’t clear his tail this could happen ah on the bottom we have some stickers there’s also some plants and vegetation along the top of the enclosure there’s electric bars cuz that’s have some areas where you can see through the walls and right here we have some more drastic world stickers there’s also some big floodlights and it also has a lot of orange and blue lights right here we have the gyrosphere in order to get a minifigure in you need to remove the two side pieces and then you have to separate it like an egg inside there’s a little control panel by its feet and the movie they have two seats but this one only has one okay now we have Zack in there and now let’s close them up once we have them in there we can stick a mom the geosphere watcher so the control for the mechanism exactly inside the enclosure maybe it’s the indominus rex – his job to push off the gyrosphere there’s a little rod on the inside and when you press it he goes whoa maybe I shouldn’t use a shoulder harness on the other side we have a little area with guns and an electric stack Google Talk okay let’s rotate this so we can see this side so right up here we have a little crane and let’s put the vet in there and there’s two control sticks there’s a hook at the end and you can attach this creative food on to it inside the crate so we have two drumsticks somehow I don’t think this is going to be enough to feed this guy okay time to feed the beasts and this swings in like this here you go a girl right beneath the crane we have an observation deck there’s a little ladder that you can climb up and on each side there’s high-voltage signs those us isn’t let’s in a little control panel maybe that turns up the electricity the main window has a sticker that has cracks on it let’s what an observer in there so she can check out the new exhibit now little Dino oh my money back this is a ripoff get me out of here okay let’s move on to the next area on the top we have a little helicopter it’s a small little build it’s got a spinning propeller on the windshield there’s a big sticker it has two yellow lights on the front and it also has two green flick fire missiles and on the tail it says JW 409 there’s a little round piece on the landing pad and it fits into the square cutout on the bottom of the hill a copper you can even rotate it around and it won’t fall off underneath the helipad we have a little control center we have a screen with the indominus rex on it and below that the sad-looking mr. DNA there’s a little keyboard a rotating chair yellow coffee mug and a piece of amber with a mosquito inside so on the side facing the indominus rex we have two floodlights and a tranquilizer gun that’s at two doors on the side that you can open and close there’s also a little safety bar that runs along the side but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna provide much safety from the indominus rex haha you can’t I’m safe up here I guess we should have built that platform a little higher on the bottom we have some more windows more places where we can observe the animal and here’s a look at the final side of the enclosure this part might look like an ordinary wall it’s got more controls and a couple more high voltage signs but the main feature of this wall is that it can do this yeah yeah the asset is out quick call the ACU a pool reporting for duty I said a Cu not a PU well sorry my bad come again so these walls are meant to break away each side is connected by two little studs and inside we have more of these triangular teeth pieces and you can just put it back together like this and there you go good as new all the walls are connected by a little ball joints and you can detach it and open it up if you want to make it bigger now this guy has more room to play whoa this thing is making me dizzy whoa I think I’m gonna throw up ah open the gate open the gate uh who is it moo-hoo its words whoo whoo whoo will you stop star rating and just open up the door I guess my only chance is a drink this serum Oh something is happening to me I don’t feel so good whoa who are you up here sensei is that you okay a thousand down minutes Rex breakout it has a while a few turns and it’s really fun I can’t wait to see what happens in the movie and if you want to see more drastic world sets we me a comment down below thanks for watching some guys next time bye

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