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How To Make A Lego Skateboard (Cool Video!)

Watch this guy skate a lego skateboard

So, this guy gets a box filled with a LEGO skateboard and he decides to actually try and skate with it.

While this isn’t the normal use of your LEGOs, I thought you might like to see what happens when you need to build something that has to hold a lot of weight or be durable.

Will he be able to skateboard with this LEGO board?

Watch the video above to see what happens when he unpacks the LEGO skateboard and tries to use it.

LEGO skate board to try out on a skate park

Video Transcript

hey guys we’re here at fremont with the air in Cairo channel my film our Lance’s here i’m just getting answers channel I’m just kidding my channel nobody knows the trouble is it’s actually my channel and I’ve been reading the comments and I notice that you guys are like bring a razor so I got a razor and a box we’re going to use the razor to open the box so this is that you make it we skate it so basically what occurred here is somebody made it and we’re going to open it and skate it works that’s how it works is pretty self-explanatory the series so that’s how a razor works that’s how razor works ok isn’t that you are less violent than what usually it does work brother had me screaming and yelling and punching a good not the girls girls can’t punch hard to my wife also she’s a little girl and she punches really hard like that she would never punch me is goin downhill fast i also just I’m going to let you guys know I cut myself shaving and if I so I’m may or may not start just bleeding profusely you’re already believe that this is the smallest cut can just cause the most amount of blood hey Braille i hope you guys enjoy this Lego skateboard I made you let me let me read that in a better contact because there’s a super explain i hope you guys enjoy this like a skateboard i may do I use most of my childhood collection oh my ice I feel bad all of a sudden it should be strong enough for a few kickflips it should be starting after I’ve you get back to use four bolts for truck for better strength that but Timmy Joe reviews anything on youtube Jimmy Joe reviews anything on youtube yeah i went to his YouTube channel its you guys should check it out your views anything yeah this is cereal this is serious oh my oh my lord alright guys i’m gonna get I’m gonna get real and use the razor blade will come back when it’s not really Parker ok so that kind of my neck and back on oh good you’re good with the razor that’s your friend with trainers so let’s see what projects they’re very legit very very very legit like a Griffin that’s all I’m kind of Bennington what has a piece of card like no carpet with foam so let’s save that I’m just gonna yeah we might think that might be the next the next episode wow look at those i’m interested in those bolts to yeah I’m beyond mailing on here this is actually incredible scene so I’m okay I’m a little bit confused because here’s would so I this is what I think there’s a legit piece of wood all the way through he actually has a video on his youtube channel from making it so you guys can get a little idea of how this is made but it’s not with all the way through I can just tell right now its legs so I think you just use the tails for the edges tails for the but its market because it gives us some legit tails yeah although i’m scared i feel like i’m gonna drop in just like the glass skateboard the Legos are going to shatter everywhere and I’m gonna die extremely dangerous lego skateboard extremely dangerous exploding lego skateboard Gibson made by Timmy Joe reviews anything have fun so that’s three ! vot upon oh no are we gonna be able to tighten that I have no idea how that maybe we just get rid of those i think those are just do you think so yeah because they’re just placeholders what do we need to put our own bolts I’m sorry to me job that is incorrect better than my skateboard at home yeah it’s true its rights maybe your actual escape but the only thing is if its suspension trucks yes I think it does i think it does i love the grip tape what does it mean do t dot Gibson what does that mean no idea i felt like i was here this too tight you hear that hear that cracking yep yeah you’re nervous making me nervous so in his note he said he thinks this thing lasts a few kickflips like to take bets on that he said he said he stood on it and he says he weighs I think 200-something pounds and it stood up so anyway like 350 yeah I wait yeah you know I’m scared to kickflip anything these days looking at it right now I think that it can sustain the kickflip if the kick was executed properly like perfectly bolts they’re probably bolts I started to feel a little bit like in the motion of popping it and flicking it it’s going to like get destroyed yeah it’s very possible by this board is actually quite it quite a build so far yeah try to build you thought when you second thought it was gonna be easy and you realize you have to put for hardware and the head that’s a whole nother whole other level day’s work yeah you know he could have just put just a regular skateboard all the way through and just have legos on the top and bottom might not be necessarily as like legitimate lego skateboard style but even the way it is now you can see it kind of looks like that’s the case but we may be sure that you didn’t do it i am because I thought I saw would like it looks like there’s wood there too maybe there is i don’t know maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about looks great it does look great and how sick would that be if that was your board that’s an actual board ok so we’re out here from skate park and we have a lego skateboard and I’m really scared to stand on it so you should be i was thinking to myself the same thought i had with a glass skateboard i’m going to do all the lowest impact situations so Lance gonna follow me and I’m going to push around the park and I’m gonna stand over in the tree x and i’m going to push only month ok feel solid so far pretty solid okay does anybody at all jump you did over that Kathleen’s ok well i think we proved that it rolls so what’s the next lowest impact situation what is dropping dropping certainly didn’t work for the glass for and that’s what I’m scared that I think role in his lower impact and dropping let me just get in the middle and the ball around okay there you go like this one is a lot stronger than grass does have some wood it does have legos there’s some metal in there okay well hydrogen we’ve proved that it rolls now the next step is this can you lift up on it without it snapping in half no you killed that didn’t you hear that that’s just me like oh so here’s what it’s like the second I push down on the tail I hear cracks I hear cracks by hearing cracks I mean that I here like cracking noises occurring that makes me think like ABS that it’s definitely gonna break so let’s try and drop you think the dropping I think Roland is less impact what rolling is like what I’m the red one stair rail would be the least amount of impact you could cook it yeah if the same situation happens that the glass skateboard happens right here i’m going to Superman down to seven stair really that just goes through a board slide down the rail with your body okay i know i’m going to put my foot on the truck and just rolling dropping up Oh Nick let’s first try to board underneath you know there’s not what this something you think you might think there’s a board there’s a board here i think the board literally goes this far no I can see the wood this guy can see the wood there is some sort of were demanding it’s definitely not i don’t see if it was bored all the way through it won’t break from the kickflip I see first very best pic we’ve ever done I’m i can tell you right now by putting very little pressure on the tail the tails going like this the show oh yeah good point shove it yes first challenge that I try Holly I think about these casings a kickflip ok like this sides a little stronger like I said I’ve got ready so which one of you guys with guaranteeing me that the board went all the way for a very soggy board or maybe the board didn’t go all the way through look what did he do yeah it’s a man came anyway I’m going into this okay we’re gonna kick for this that’s what about the other side already have one try to land this together recognizing that ok good clip Taylor Oh control but also definitely a lego flew off her foot know you’re going to destroy it what do you mean bad idea like the first right ray when you give me okay if you do first ray twenty bucks twenty bucks all tired green Cash cold hard to catch but that’s coming right like other got it was legitimately laying out all the way through ya see that so cool let me fix my bar get my track yep got it big came up it land where I got it this may be the worst idea we’ve ever had by that i mean the best idea no okay we still got this case former when you’re like a skateboard right okay look at the aftermath when you want to escape my lego his life what do we do now focused i’m like always like this we get kicked with ya clifton dropped in did anybody bring and probably find us alright well huge thanks to Timmy Joe this is really rather you made this board for us we did kickflip we didn’t do something right we actually dropped in and kicked it so i would say if we did like more tricks than on the glass skateboard look at that I could’ve been dangerous i could’ve went through my yeah thanks a lot for watching definitely check out Timmy jose channel has been quick right here on this Lego board to check it out and if you wanna send us a board that you made that we will skate maybe somebody can make like a legit not that this wasn’t legit but like a natural superhuman strength lego bored people have maybe not me some people have been saying and making a lego bored and I said we have one guys if you’re watching this you have the green light on a stronger leg up and we can use this as check it out an example yeah thank you guys for sending us all the stuff that you sent us please subscribe like leave a comment below and if you want to send it whole skated at Brill skateboarding com definitely check out skateboarding made simple it’s available on all these platforms ibooks rail skateboarding calm and Google Play it’s the most comprehensive video we’ve ever made and it teaches skateboarding better than anything else out there you won’t be disappointed

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