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How To Build A Safe With LEGOs

Fun Lego Project: Build A Safe With Legos

This project is a lot of fun. You’re going to learn how to build a secret safe to store your stuff with legos.

This video is pretty short at just 3 minutes, but it covers a lot of techniques that you can use on future builds.

Lego Safe Box

Did you try the build yet? What other ways can you think of to make a safe to store something and keep others out?

Building a safe box with legos to put things in

Video Transcript

– Putting together a secret security box for your stuff can be a huge pain. Do you put everything in a sock and then hide it in a dirty hamper? Or do you stash your stuff in your mattress? Well, today, we’re gonna hide all of our belongings in plain sight using LEGOs. (LEGOs clattering) (techno music) Today I’m gonna show you how to take those spare LEGOs you have laying around and turn ’em into a hidden safe like this one right here. Now to start, we’re gonna need to dump out the LEGOs and see what we have. I’m gonna begin by placing 16 square tiles together and linking up the center with single-layer flat pieces. This will allow us to slide a hidden drawer in and out. You’ll see. Once everything’s laid out, we need to build a perimeter around the board and also link all the base plates together. Once this is done, it’s gonna start to fill in a lot quicker. Now let’s jump through the most important of this design, the drawer. We need to build out another base plate that’s equal in size to the flat area that we already have. Connect it all up using the flat Lego pieces and place two 1×4 pieces on each end. On the portion that will face outwards, add another flat piece across the top. This will allow it to look flush with the rest of the block. Now the best part that makes this thing so awesome, we’re gonna add a magnet so that the drawer will pop out when another magnet comes into contact. Just grab a semi-strong kitchen magnet that’s small enough to fit on the LEGOs and then superglue it right into place. I even added another piece on the back to keep it all protected. Now we need to fill in pieces around the drawer and start to close off the box and make it look like something else entirely. You can use mixed colors or just keep it symmetrical like I have here, leaving the middle section empty all the while. Once you’re at the desired height, give the drawer a couple test pulls, slamming it in and out, and make sure nothing’s catching before you cover up the top. If it checks out, add a roof. Now I went ahead and put the Household Hacker logo on the top. That’s just so I can display it with my other projects and no one will have any idea that I have something hidden inside. I, I guess except you guys, but, uh, hmm. Okay, you know what? Maybe I’ll give this away later since my secret’s exposed. Once the top’s on there, take a look and make sure the areas appear flush and non-suspicious. Slide in your second magnet and pop the drawer out. Now you can hide anything you want in there if it fits. Now keep in mind that there’s a million different ways to build something like this. Just apply the drawer technique to anything you design and you should get a similar effect. You can even superglue all the pieces as you go if you want something extremely strong that won’t shatter the brick if dropped. Oh, and as I mentioned earlier, this thing’s pretty useless to me now that I told you about it, so if you want it, just sign up for our e-mail list at householdhacker.tv/list. We’ll pick an e-mail subscriber at random and announce the winner in our next e-mail blast. Well, that’s all for today. Here’s a couple more videos for you to check out. As always, thanks for watching. We’ll see you soon. (upbeat music) (clattering)

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