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Bionicle Legos – Explore The Island of Mata Nui and The Makuta

Red Bionicle Lego Warrior

I love Bionicle Legos!

Bionicle is a toy line created by the Lego group.

The toy line targets age groups of 5 to 16 years. The story line of Bionicle is set in a sci-fi world that features a combination of part human and half machine beings in the series. The setting is a subterranean world but later ventures into newer worlds with the creatures having souls. All this is pure fiction.

The Setting of the Bionicle
Bionicle is set in the belly of a massive robot. The robot belly is purported to be big enough to hold massive domes containing the worlds that form the Matoran Universe; more like the way earth sits in the universe. The Matoran Universe is the entity of the massive robot belly.

A great spirit named Mata Nui protected these biomechanical creatures. There is an evil brotherhood called the Makuta Fraternity. The leader of this brother hood cast an eternal sleep on Mata Nui leaving the World to suffer under his rule. Fortunately, a team of warriors, Toa Nuva reawakens Mata Nui. The evil Teridax had exiled Mata Nui’s spirit from his body and taken over his body.

The mask of life that existed in the body of Mata Nui was thrown out by Teridax. The mask landed in the mysterious planet of Bara Magna creating a smaller body for Mata Nui. The story starts its adventure when six Toa sojourn to Bara Magna. They encounter a series of challenges that engage the gamer in war.

The challenges include attacks by Teridax with Kanuhi masks that release infected Rahi. Rahi are savage creatures that attack Matoran villagers. The banished Mata Nui finds new friends in the bare planet of Bara Magna in order to save Matoran and Toa from the rule of Teridax.

Bohrok Swarms
The Bohrok swarms are robotic drones that are released by Makuta Brotherhood in order to cleanse the Island of Mata Nui and return it to its original state. The Bohrok causing the Matoran to flee tears the existing villages into pieces making Nuparu, one of the earth’s Toa to builds a Boxor. The Boxor is a vehicular device that was made from a damaged Bohrok in order to deal with the attacking swarms.

Queen Cahdok and Gahdok
Unaware of the aim of the Bohrok, the Toa collect Krana to confront the queens of the Bohrok called Bahrag. The Krana are mask like creatures that act as the brain of the Bohrok. The Bahrag queens are called Cahdok and Gahdok. Soon, the queens are locked in a prison called the Protodermis created through power fusion of all six Toa Warriors.

The warriors enter into energized protodermis that gives them a new name, the Toa Nuva. They become more powerful with new armor and weapons.

The toy line continues with other additional adventures like the legends of Metru Nui, Island of doom, sea of darkness, web of shadows, final battle, legend reborn and the Journey’s end.

The Bionicle is an interesting read with four movie productions to its credit. Toys depicting the warriors function as keepsakes for children. They are a great way to gift the followers of Bionicle.

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