Lego Double Action Revolver Mechanism


And you don’t have to pull the hammer.

It works realy nice, but it does not shoot that far.


No, you don’t.

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In this video I will be showing you the mechanism inside my / and how it works for the first part of this video I am showing you the barrel and how it was made start off the cylinder is made of these disks with which have six holes in them I used try the of the disks stacked onto an eight stud long beam inside the gun it’s held here by LEGO Technic pieces to hold the bullets in I have simply taken half a stud long axle piece and covered in duct tape this way it does not create too much friction but just enough so that when the bullets are inserted they do not fall out like so it’s up the sites are mainly there for decoration this guns power it sucks going to be honest it doesn’t shoot very far so the sets are just there for decoration next moving on to the receiver or lower half of the revolver we have a the grip here with the body you can see the trigger and the hammer here as well is what I call the rotating hammer or something like that and the gun does require or does not require it uses a modified piece for the rotating hammer it’s not required but does make the gun a lot stronger when shooting it does not break as easily so now I will show you the inside of the gun so here is the inside of the lower receiver so here we have my trigger the trigger rotating hammer which is connected to the trigger the hammer itself and then the grip I removed the rubber bands so the gun does not explode on me while I’m showing you how it works so when the Barrow is connected and there’s a round inside when you pull the trigger this slanted piece right here will push the round in front of the hammer which is being pushed back at the same time so we I will show you a demonstration of that so we’ll pull the trigger pushes the round around pulls the hammer back as well it’s to a point where this piece is no longer pushed the bullet and at that point the hammer comes around hitting the bullet with enough force to push it out of the barrel now have the gun resets is there is a small piece right here that is what the trigger is making contact with when it is being pulled up like so gets to a point where this gets pulled back far enough so the trigger can goes through without making contact with the hammer that is when the rubber bands pull the hammer back around and hitting the bullet then the trigger can reset by one pulling pull down pulls this little piece right here and allows it to go back through ready to fire again you


Does It Shoot?

No it does not.

But it looks nice.

Does It Weigh Much?

Yes, about 10 pounds.

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What’s going on guys my name is za t nom B’s and today I felt the negev israeli-made light machinegun entirely from 2400 plus Lego bricks this high made fast firing weapon measures over forty three and a half inches lawn and it weighs close to ten pounds it’s featured in Counter Strike global Offensive I’ve built this also with the Man O’War skin on it featuring the dark navy blue and the sort of gold details that I built with some lego Sun disks from the adventure series and even some chains there you can see a scale of it with a minifigure it’s an absolutely massive weapon in Counter Strike global Offensive it has one of the highest rates of fire at a thousand rounds per minute beating out the p90 s 900 rounds per minute stat one of the best weapons in counter-strike if you simply want to run around and spray as much lead as possible it has a 150 round magazine it also costs fifty seven hundred dollars so not a cheap weapon either it does have a reload time of 5.7 seconds for the Lego version I built the green cloth on the ammo container with some dark green smooth tiles I built the metal stock with some dark gray smooth tiles as well and even some up black register pieces on the back it’s a very stable weapon it can actually be held up to at the shoulder and I guess pretended to be fired for the grip I used some Lego rubber tire pieces also for the barrel I used lots of tires to help give it that sort of tactical look there’s so many awesome looking weapons in counter-strike i’d love to build more of them with some cool intricate skins let me know in the comments your idea for the next lego Counter Strike weapon that you guys would want to see also be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you guys do want to see some more weapons from Counter Strike global Offensive even our Lego Thunder Lord would be jealous of this guns Blaine the Man O’War skin is a beautiful looking skin with that deep navy blue and of the gold I used tons of Lord of the rain one ring pieces and even some register car grille bricks for the magazine as you can see on the side of it also the front post was built with a small Lego cloth from the Hero Factory series but there you have it I hope you guys enjoyed this Lego and you gave a light machine gun let me know what you want to see don’t neck and thank you guys so much for watching my videos so as always I’ll see you guys in another video with another LEGO creation I feel the biggest addition to our LEGO Minecraft world series yet this is a massive lego minecraft castle stands at over two feet tall


10 MOST AMAZING Lego Machines


From robots to space ships it has every thing.

They can build real cars.

Does It Use Mindstorm?

Yes, it does and other legos too.

Video Transcript â–¼

Leg-oh isn’t just for kids its versatility has been exploited by innovating programmers to create advanced models and machines combining average plastic Lego bricks with other forms of Lego such as Lego pneumatics LEGO Technic and the programmable robotics Construction Set that is Lego Mindstorms the simplest building blocks have been utilized for some amazing advanced creations amazing if you want to know more about any of these machines then make sure to check out the Creator via the annotation number 10 clocks even though we see them everywhere clocks are actually incredibly complicated and there are numerous mechanisms functions and styles of clocks that you probably weren’t aware of but some of which have been amazingly modeled using Lego here are some more familiar clocks that you may recognize the pendulum clock a cuckoo clock and a digital clock but functionality varies this clock uses a rolling wheel to refresh the time approximately every 10 seconds what about this this ball clock displays the time in another format from left to right you can read the time according to how many balls are present in each chamber for instance here the time is 11:59 and the addition of an extra ball clears the Chamber’s representing 12 o’clock here’s another version number 9 Lego printer printers using ink have been made using Lego but the device I’ll explain is not an average printer imagine printing designs in Lego actual physical Lego bricks well now you can this printer first scans an image and then recreates it as a Lego mosaic in true Lego fashion the canvas is a Lego plate and the mosaic tiles are just one by one plate which are fed through a tunnel and placed by a printer head feed in a design and hey presto it’s Lego art its creator has also made a tasty on machine a cookie icing machine for when imperfect cookies just don’t cut it check out JK brickworks instructions if you want to make your own number 8 milling machine milling machines use rotary cutters to remove and carve material they’re an essential piece of kit to any workshop or manufacturing process and milling is one of the most common processes for machining pots to precise sizes and shapes although it’s less interesting than the other machines its functionality and important certainly deserves recognition number seven guns well these Lego guns won’t exactly kill you in fact your life is more likely to flash before your eyes if you step on a Lego brick but they’re still pretty cool there are plenty of amazing contraptions but this one has to be the coolest it’s a motorized Lego mini gun that can shoot at a rate of 11 bands per second its mechanism is pretty interesting to understand with an advanced trigger system but if you are expecting something a little bit more realistic then check out this replica its functionality is pretty amazing or how about medieval weaponry then check out this trebuchet number 6 loom machine this is the machine grandma’s around the world dream about a machine capable of creating top-notch clothing a loom machine weeds cloth and industrial versions look exceptionally complicated but that hasn’t stopped people from creating amazing Lego adaptations this braiding machine is pretty amazing too number 5 vending machines these machines would make dollar if they were actually secure why not just because they’re awesomely modeled from Lego but because they do more than just sell candy McDonald’s may be fast food but this McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets machine really epitomizes the statement and there are other awesome vending machines too for example a popcorn machine a gumball machine a cereal machine a cake machine tic-tac machine Doritos machine jelly bean machine and many more diabetes friendly devices number four arcade machines most people can’t afford them but at least you can make them out of Lego a common addition to arcades is a skee-ball machine this Lego version of for sweet for each time you win but probably the most iconic and popular game has to be the pinball machine famous for their brightness and artwork they come in many varieties even in Lego what about those machines that eat up all your loose change well coin pushers come in Lego form too and of course an arcade would not be complete without a claw machine number three spaceships okay I lied let’s call this one kinetic sculptures by this I mean functioning moving machines that look awesome for instance marble runs are cool enough but there are other more pointlessly complicated ways to move an object as demonstrated by this elaborate great ball contraption a labyrinth of conveyor systems and modules create a machine that is annoyingly addictive to watch but what about that spaceship well that was designed and built by for hardcore Lego fans in 21 and a half hours and it’s a 5000 piece work of art and with that it’s a matter of perspective another youtuber built this piece to wrap this one up take a look at this strand beast it is a wind powered mechanical creature that was developed by the Dutch artists they are Ansan of course here’s the LEGO version number two vehicles I know what you’re thinking radio-controlled vehicles really well I’m actually talking about drivable vehicles a Lego hotrod in fact although there are some super cool Lego RC vehicles which are worth mentioning like these Mad Max inspired vehicles here is the war rig and this is the peacemaker which can be controlled by your smartphone the same can be done with this Aussie tank and this paddle boat and this is something you may have never heard of a feller buncher used to harvest trees although this miniature versions more equipped for twigs but tout as a real vehicle made only from Lego have enough power to move by taking a look at this clever pneumatic tractor it’s easy to visualize the way that air pressure is used to drive a series of cams cogs and chains that enable the wheels to spin a real-life car used the similar mechanism albeit with a lot more pumps 256 to be exact with approximately half a million pieces this air powered car has a top speed of 20 to 30 kilometers per hour let’s just hope the airbags aren’t made of Lego number one super smart robots the Lego Mindstorms unit is the brains behind these machines but these aren’t any ordinary robots that you can build from a kit these robots have been programmed to do incredibly smart tasks what’s quintessential activities do smart things do obviously they play chess and solve the Rubik’s Cube try beating this robotic chess opponent it is a 4th year university project that can even tell if you’re cheating and this Rubik’s Cube solver crunches complex algorithms to solve the rubik’s cube faster than anything or anyone ever has the a are empowered cube storm of three robot has smashed the Guinness world record for solving the Rubik’s Cube recording a time of 3.25 three seconds at the Big Bang fair in Birmingham UK what machine would you make if you’re a genius programmer and Lego enthusiasts let me know in the comments

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